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GET TO KNOW ME MEME -[1/5] favorite female characters: Ilana Wexler.

I would be a three-legged mutt, because I’d be like a highly respected minority, and I’d be all the dogs’ fetishes.

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y tu mamá también (2001)

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this is absolutely incredible

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Misfits Rewatch: Season 1, Episode 1.

This will fade away. I'm telling you, by this time next week,
it'll be back to the same old boring shit.

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Being born a woman is an awful tragedy. Yes, my consuming desire to mingle with road crews, sailors and soldiers, bar room regulars—to be a part of a scene, anonymous, listening, recording—all is spoiled by the fact that I am a girl, a female always in danger of assault and battery. My consuming interest in men and their lives is often misconstrued as a desire to seduce them, or as an invitation to intimacy. Yet, God, I want to talk to everybody I can as deeply as I can. I want to be able to sleep in an open field, to travel west, to walk freely at night.
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Évolution inversée

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”
― Pablo Picasso

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Submarine (2010)

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